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Gift Cards with Benefits

Haircut Spot is a great gift for any occasion.  With our gift cards you can give someone a unique gift they will appreciate.  Our gift cards come in plastic or can be digital. Use and refill anytime, we have no restrictions on what they can purchase within our store. As an added bonus for every $25 spent on a gift card we are giving out a coupon for a $5 haircut.  Come in and purchase yours today.

$5 Haircuts


Customer Rewards

Free Haircut!

Haircut Spot has put in place a rewards program for their customers. Each time you make a qualifying purchase of $14.00 or more (Excludes hair products) you earn a point toward a Free Haircut!  Earning 10 points qualifies you for a free haircut. You will also enjoy a discounted haircuts on your way to your free haircut!

How to Join

First come in and get a haircut. At the time of payment ask for a Rewards Card.  You will get a new card with your first visit punched out and the next visit will only be $7.99.  Keep going to earn your free haircut and other discounts, it's that easy.

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